Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cheers to 2013!

In the days before Christmas as the snow piled up, and the few locals who had avoided traveling to family for the holidays discovered endless untracked powder, I was struck by the pure joy I am able to experience on a daily basis in my Jackson life.

Even if I am putting in a 10-hour day at my computer, I can usually sneak out for a quick run, bike or skate ski on the trails 3 minutes from my house. There, beyond the fresh air, stunning views and raised heart rate, it’s pretty common to bump into a moose, a few deer or sometimes something as bizarre as say a snowmobiler pulling a kayaker through the fields of cold winter snow- paddle, life vest, nose plug and all. That’s when you stop, you stare, and then shake your head and say “only in Wyoming.”

As I sat down to write this - my first and many years overdue blog entry- I decided to inspire myself by browsing through some pictures from 2012 with the thought of writing a recap of the year. But really I was just again blown away by the incredible experiences my job opens up to me and how those result in so much personal joy. And beyond that, even more rewarding, are the looks of happiness on the faces of those clients and media I experience it all with.

Some Highlights of 2012:

• Yurts…lots of yurts
• Olympic Bobsleds and Rams
• A private plane or two
• Deep powder…actually make that REALLY deep powder
• Lots of city fixes in the Big Apple
• Re-learning how to rock climb
• A Whiskey Speak EZ
• A secret trailer park called Hicksville and the even more bizarre Integratron sound bath
• Aerialists
• Inspiring people and organizations like Chris Rutgers and Outdoor Outreach
• A lot of frequent flier miles, a lot of new friends and even more inspiring brands

So as 2013 starts to ramp up I hope you’ll check back every once in a while to get a Rendez-view on what’s new in our little world. And on that note- let us know if we can help you with anything going on in yours.

Thank you for being a part of our ride.

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